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Design and architectural lighting.




One of our newest products is It is a lighting shop and projecting solutions incl. installations of led lighting for home and business.



Projects: modern living rooms, small sized shops with special LED lighting solutions, restaurants, disco bars and clubs, advertisement solutions, commercial furniture.



Customers: shops, restaurants, architects, designers, furniture and advertisement manufacturers, building and electrician companies.



Sound and multimedia solutions for professionals & home enterteiners.
Commercial and professional oriented sound, light and multimedia products for specialists like shops, excibition centres, museums, music clubs, theatres, lounges, workshops. Products range is starting from specalized accessories and components, till complete systems.
Customers: workshops, museums, sport centres, restaurants, musical studios, musicers, DJs and other enterteiners.

Each product of us has its own team with its own targets, but all together we are SLM Solutions SIA as a one common enterprise.

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